Georgia on My Rind

Georgia on My Rind


We’ve got Georgia on our…Rind! A box to celebrate some of Georgia’s best small food producers.

  • Banjo Cheese, 8 oz: This is our best-selling cheese: it’s a stracchino, which is like a mozzarella, but softer and more tangy. It’s a fresh cheese, so it has no rind. It’s super versatile: a great melter or cooking cheese, perfect for pairing on a cheese board with beer or wine, or just snacking with crackers and jam. Easy to pair, and easy to love for most cheese eaters.

  • Pepper Peach Preserves, 4oz: Made in Athens, GA by Piedmont Provisions, this jam is the perfect complement to our cool creamy Banjo cheese. It’s made with Georgia’s signature fruit - the peach, with a little heat from peppers. Sweet and slightly hot, it’s a great balance for cheese and crackers.

  • Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers, 4oz: Made in Atlanta, GA by Georgia Sourdough Co, these are our favorite crackers for cheese. The sourdough recipe gives them a tangy complexity, and mirrors the tangy, yeasty flavors of our Banjo cheese. it’s a flavorful sturdy cracker that’s mild enough to let the cheese shine.

  • Skypilot: Our version of a brie, this cheese has a creamy soft interior and a thin mushroomy rind. Great for a cheese board, this one’s a classic!

  • Meme’s Sugar Pecans: Grown in Leesburg, Georgia by Goodson Pecans, these pecans are a wonderful balance of sweet and salty. Pecans are grown widely in Georgia.

  • Soppressata Salame, 3oz: Produced by The Spotted Trotter in Atlanta, Georgia, this soppressata is top-notch. Thoughtfully raised pork and a blend of spices create a stand-out cured meat.

All mail order collections ship in an insulated box with an ice pack.

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