We’re committed to the craft of cheese making.


As such, all our cheese is made by hand in small batches. While we utilize modern-day science to help guide our process and produce safe, delicious cheese, we believe that it’s the “touch” that helps cheese make the leap from good to great. We’re constantly in awe of the alchemy that is converting milk into curd.



“A Day In the Life”

Our day begins early, when we receive milk direct from the farm. This milk fills our vat, where it is gently heated and pasteurized using a low temperature, batch-pasteurization process. Once pasteurized, the milk is cooled to our target cheese making temperature. We then add carefully selected cultures to the milk to begin the fermentation process.

These cultures slowly beginning converting the lactose in the milk to lactic acid, and when the acid development is right we add rennet. The enzymes in the rennet coagulate the milk into a semi-firm solid, and once firm enough, we cut the curds, allowing them to release the whey. These curds are then stirred and heated over the next hour, helping them firm up even more. All the while the cultures are still converting lactose into lactic acid.


When the curds reach the right firmness and the lactic acid has developed sufficiently, we “hoop” the curds into individual cheese molds. Here, the whey drains from the curds and the final cheese begins to take shape. Over the next several hours these new cheeses are flipped several times, allowing the whey to drain evenly. Once the whey has drained off and the acid has developed sufficiently, we then move these cheeses into a saltwater brine to halt fermentation and add salt to the cheese.

When salting is complete, fresh cheeses are wrapped and aged cheeses go onto a shelf in our aging room. Here we ripen cheeses - from several weeks and up - as a complex chain of biochemical reactions is underway, releasing flavor locked within the cheese. When the cheeses are ready, they’re wrapped and ready to eat.



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