Who We Are

We are a microcreamery located just outside of Atlanta, GA.

Owned & operated by Megan & Tyler Davis, our goal is not just to produce great cheese from the South, but great cheese of the South.



Our journey started in 2012, when we decided to leave the concrete confines of a desk job in the city  to pursue the good life of the country. After a short stint owning a small farm, we decided to hit the road, traveling and learning by getting our hands dirty on other farms. We quickly fell in love with dairying, and with a background in science and the culinary arts and a desire to work with our hands, cheesemaking quickly followed. This new passion set our course, and we spent the next several years honing our skills working with and for cheesemakers throughout the country. Several states, thousands of miles, and untold pounds of cheese later, we decided to return home. In the fall of 2017, a dream became a reality, and in homage to the nomadic journey that led us here, Hobo Cheese Co. was born.


As our cheesemaker, Tyler draws inspiration from the traditional cheeses of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Combined with his past experience, which included time as head cheesemaker at Caromont Farm and an apprenticeship under renowned cheesemaker Peter Dixon of Parish Hill Creamery, he seeks to craft cheeses that fit our place and express the uniqueness and diversity of our region's terroir.  

Our creamery operates on our small homestead located just outside of Atlanta, where we raise three children, vegetables, two dogs, and sundry livestock.



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